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New Dimension Marketing and Research (NDMR) is a privately owned full-service marketing agency. Founded in 1994, NDMR started out as a custom design agency. Providing clients with elegant, high quality imagery and not the typical cut and paste artwork, NDMR quickly stood out. Clients were so satisfied, they soon were asking for not only creative design
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About NDMR

New Dimension Marketing and Research (NDMR) is a privately owned full-service marketing agency. Founded in 1994, NDMR started out as a custom design agency. Providing clients with elegant, high quality imagery and not the typical cut and paste artwork, NDMR quickly stood out. Clients were so satisfied, they soon were asking for not only creative design, but also (more)to have their adverts placed. NDMR quickly gained certification and began designing and placing print ads nationwide.

As the field of advertising changed into a more complex landscape, NDMR established itself in the digital world and began placing some of the first online ads. New Dimension Marketing and Research believes it is important to evolve and adapt to new types of marketing to ensure clients never miss out on new opportunities and ways of growing their business.

Today NDMR has expanded and now has offices in Denver, San Diego, and Seattle. We continue to grow by offering everything from website development and hosting, remarketing, mobile advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), to some of the traditional mediums that are still relevant today. NDMR considers itself a convenient, one-contact, full service marketing agency. We back all of our marketing materials and placement with performance data to deliver results. NDMR doesn't just build brands, we build storage units fort worth lasting relationships and we make your phone ring!



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Our Talent

  • Lee WeismanPresident & CEOslideshare

  • Matt SchwarzmannVice President

  • Candy VerrilloController

  • Nicole PaprockiSenior Account Manager

  • Joyce CooperSenior Designer / Account Manager

  • Sam WhiteSenior Account Manager

  • Charlie DeNataleSenior Media Buyer

  • Jesse MorganSenior Web Developer

  • Meagan SharpMarketing Director

  • Luke WesterSocial Media Coordinator / Account Manager

  • Aidan ParingerDirector of Paid Search

  • Brandon MacielSEO Specialist

  • Ashley ToddBusiness Development

  • Cameron RosenMarketing Coordinator

  • Josie MarieDonkey Look-alike

  • Oliver JonesGreen Bean Balancer

Lee Weisman

/ president / ceo /

Since 1993, Lee Weisman has worked in the marketing and advertising industries. He began his career as an account executive for Image One, an advertising and website design agency. While working with Image One, Lee sold and developed high-profile ad designs in print and digital for large corporations.

Following this, he founded New Dimension in 1994. New Dimension started off as a Yellow Page and website design firm. In the year 1997, the firm was launched to become a Certified Marketing Representative (CMR) and became New Dimension Marketing & Research ( In this capacity, the firm became a multi-media corporation placing Yellow Pages, Internet, TV, radio, along with billboard ads and other products.

Determination, quality and hard work have been the hallmark of Lee Weisman. Lee is seen by his peers as a successful entrepreneur. While continuing to provide excellent service for his clients, Lee has repositioned New Dimension Marketing & Research into a full service marketing agency handling all client needs.

In his free time Lee enjoys working out, golfing, camping and spending time with his son.

Matt Schwarzmann

/ vice president /

Matt has been with New Dimension since 2002. His Vice President responsibilities include: developing infrastructure systems & strategies for business growth, managing day to day operations and resources, and hiring/training of sales representatives.

Matt is also a Senior Account Representative. He works directly with clients across the country to develop the most effective strategic advertising programs with web and traditional cross media marketing. His strengths include establishing strong client relationships, tracking results by measuring ROI along with his impeccable attention to detail with client campaigns.

Prior to New Dimension, upon relocating from the Midwest in 2000, Matt worked for Taylor Made Adidas Golf where he helped develop team sales programs for high school and collegiate golf teams nationwide. He was also a vital part of the logo golf ball division.

Matt earned his undergraduate degrees in Marketing Management and Sales Management from the University of Akron.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, fine dining, and enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather.

Nicole Paprocki

/ senior account manager /

Nicole Paprocki has worked with New Dimension in many capacities from art designer, account developer, Internet specialist to becoming a National Account Manager. Nicole’s “can-do” attitude has led her into developing campaigns for clients that implement “call to action” statements, call tracking, and organization of their cost analysis and expenditures.

Nicole earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2007. While attending Colorado University, she was the philanthropist for the Chi Omega Sorority and raised money for her sorority while contributing to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.

Nicole enjoys going to the beach and being outdoors. You will see her either hiking, biking, or running in Cardiff by the Sea. Nicole belives in holding strong family values and visits her home in Colorado often.

Candy Verrillo

/ controller /

Candy has been with New Dimension since 2010. Prior to working at New Dimension Candy worked for Halverson & Company, a reputable accounting firm in Encinitas. She has an active healthy lifestyle. She takes annual trips to Maui for fun in the sun and good snorkeling. Candy also enjoys swimming, fine wine and golfing.

Sam White

/ senior account manager /

Sam has been with New Dimension since the beginning of 2011. After quickly ascending to Account Manager, Sam has also taken on much of the day-to-day HR operations. When he is not managing campaigns or forecasting trends, you can find Sam somewhere on the go either on his next trip, live show or volunteering with the local Humane Society.

Sam studied Recreation, Sport, and Tourism Management at the University of Illinois where outdoors and work/life balance values were cemented. It’s also where he developed his preference for deep dish pizza over thin crust.

Joyce Cooper

/ senior designer / account manager /

Joyce joined the New Dimension team in August 2008. She brings with her over 33 years of experience in the Yellow Pages and newspaper industries. During this time, there have been numerous industry changes and new innovations which have offered her the opportunity for both professional and person growth.

At New Dimension, Joyce works closely with the sales staff and account managers to coordinate the development of new creative and daily art creation. She manages all phases of advertising production from art creation to delivering completed art to publishers.

In her free time, Joyce enjoys time outside in her garden, spending time with family and occasional camping trips.

Charlie DeNatale

/ senior media buyer /

Jesse Morgan

/ senior web developer /

Jesse is our in-house Web Developer who is all self-taught, starting from writing his first piece of software at the young age of 13. He’s proficient in Photoshop, animation, video/audio editing, and web development including; HTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL, Javascript, jQuery. Most recently he’s educated himself on mobile app development and is in the process of learning C# for game development.

He grew up in Arizona on the Colorado River and has previously worked in auto shops while attending Platt College.

Meagan Sharp

/ marketing director /

Meagan is a California native with a well-versed marketing background.

Meagan started her marketing career in Los Angeles, where she gained experience with Google AdWords, design, rebranding, reputation management and KPI tracking. Prior to her role at New Dimension, Meagan managed multiple marketing campaigns in the consumer finance industry, and worked with several large law firms. Meagan stays current on digital marketing trends, and technologies in order to help brands stay relevant.

In her free time, Meagan enjoys surfing and playing racquetball.

Luke Wester

/ social media coordinator / account manager /

Luke is from Northern California and migrated South for education and career advancement. After graduating from Cal State San Marcos he joined the team at NDMR and the rest is history. He likes flip-flops, laughing, animals and avocados. In his off time you can find him filming surfers with his drone.

Aidan Paringer

/ director of paid search /

Teacher, traveler and digital story teller. Aidan is where creativity and analytics meet. With three business' under his belt, a formal marketing education, and eight years of digital marketing experience, Aidan specializes in bringing original ideas and out of the box thinking to an ever changing and over cluttered digital landscape.

Ashley Todd

/ business development /

Ashley has always had a passion to teach others. From a very early age, she learned sales from her mother who is one of the top realtors in the Carolina’s for over 24 years. She learned that to be successful in sales it’s important to find your strengths and Digital Marketing is where she found hers.

She started her career in sales at Wells Fargo and it was there that she found how much she loved sales. After Wells Fargo, Ashley started with a local digital marketing company and found her passion and excitement for the industry. She has a passion for technology and has continued to excel in digital advertising sales because of this.

Here at NDMR Ashley brings her passion and expertise and attention to the clients business needs to help them grow and make lasting relationships. Ashley knows how to identify her clients needs and she does this by consulting with them to figure out the best plan for their marketing.

Ashley was born in Salt Lake City, UT and has lived in Charlotte, NC for over 24 years. She graduated in 2008 from UNC Charlotte. She is a mother to a beautiful little girl, Ava. In her free time she loves to spend it with her family and travel, especially to the beach. They also love the Carolina Panthers and go to as many games as they can.

Cameron Rosen

/ marketing coordinator /

California born and raised, Cameron enjoys spending his time on the beach or enjoying a brew at any one of San Diego’s craft beer establishments. Cameron has always had an interest in marketing and decided to make a career out of it. Cameron has spent time in eleven different countries, so he’s all about the big picture and getting brands in front of the largest audience possible.

Brandon Maciel

/ seo specialist /

Brandon is an innovative, goal-orientated, relentless problem solver. With a broad range of marketing and business development experience, he hopes to leave more than just a footprint in the digital space. Driven by data, Brandon specializes in developing compelling online user experiences and marketing campaigns that search engines love. He also enjoys spending time with his dogs, surfing, and exercising.

Josie Marie

/ donkey look-alike /


/ green bean balancer /


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Our Clients Love Us

  • "I would recommend New Dimension for any online marketing service, as well as traditional methods such as print. They helped improve our Google rankings and have helped maintain our status as a strong competitive company."

    - Joseph P.
    Dallas, TX

  • "New Dimension has a passion for helping their clients succeed. To them, it's not about what they get from us, it's about what they can do for us. That small detail made all the difference in working with a marketing agency. They took the time from the beginning to understand our business and what we needed, they learned about our industry and analyzed our competition to make sure we were getting maximum results and have helped maintain our growing company ever since. They have made a long time customer out of us!"

    - Mary G.
    Seattle, WA



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